What is a smart home?


ome automation is integrated technology that adapts to how you live. It allows you to optimise all systems in your home – such as lighting, heating, ventilation and security – to benefit you and your family.

Every element of a smart home can be controlled at the touch of a button. This allows you to create a home that is as comfortable, secure and energy-efficient as possible. For example, you can:

- Set the temperature in each room to a comfort level that works for that space, through in-room thermostats that monitor and adapt as needed
- Use sensors to turn on lighting automatically, such as low-level lighting at night time or outdoor lighting as you arrive home
- Select lighting that suits your mood and use by selecting pre-programmed scenes or individually dimming each zone
- Access high-quality music and multimedia entertainment on demand through discreet speakers and screens
- Create ‘presence simulation’ when you’re out, by mimicking your usual pattern of lighting and automatically opening and closing blinds.

Smart home technology is secure, all data is held offline within your own system and cannot be accessed by anybody else. It can be added to any home easily, as most products can operate using wireless signals. You can start with just a few options and add on more over time as your needs change.

We design and install solutions to suit individual needs and budget – from seamless Wi-Fi and multimedia or controlled lighting through to total home automation and immersive cinema rooms.

The benefits of this technology are unlimited, but key areas include:

- Energy-efficiency: Maximise the use of natural light and heat/cooling sources through automated shading. Automatically switch off lighting and heating in spaces you aren’t using.
- Security: Peace of mind while you’re away – sensors alert you to unusual activity and add-ons like CCTV and video doorbells help you keep an eye on things.
- Assisted living: Improve accessibility for those living with additional needs – control the environment and get help at the touch of a button.

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