Smart Homes

Imagine coming back from work on a dark evening to a warm, light home. Or waking in the morning as the blinds automatically open and your favourite radio show fades in. Soft bathroom lighting helps to get your day off to a calm start. When you go out, you tap one switch to turn off all the lights and tell the heating system you’re leaving. While you’re away, automated security systems intuitively protect your home by detecting unusual activity.

We help you to create clever spaces that adapt to the way you live. Smart home technology allows you to control every element in your home, from lighting and heating to entertainment and security. It can be integrated into your home discreetly, with switches that blend with your decor (or make their own stylish design statement).

Here are just a few examples of technologies that can be integrated into a smart home system:

- Lighting and heating control

- Motorised blinds and curtains

- Video doorbell and electronic entry systems

- Ventilation and air conditioning systems

- Home security and alarms

- Multiroom music and TV.

We listen to your requirements and choose the systems that meet your needs. Talk to us today to learn more about smart homes.

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